On-Line Directory

We enthusiastically encourage you to register for the BUF Member and Friend online directory, 

which will provide you with a single place to:

·       Access your own entry in the Directory

·       Edit and control the display of your contact information

·       Have secure and private access to your own giving and pledge information

·       Make contributions and pledge payments online

·       Directly find and communicate with other BUFsters

If you are already an active Member, Friend or Participant at BUF with a valid email address there are two secure ways you can register:

1.     Wait for our emailed invitation, which will include a link through which you can create your own user ID and password to gain access to both your profile and the rest of the directory. These emails will be sent out in mid-September.

2.     Click on the link below and enter your name and email address (it must match BUF's record for you)

Register Here 

An invitation to register will be sent to your email address.

Where Can I Find Help?

Questions about the church directory and access should be sent to directory@buf.org