Photo Directory
BUF Photo Directory 2017-18                Photos scheduled during week of Oct 2-7
The Hospitality Committee and the Administrator have arranged for BUF to get a new photo directory from Life Touch this coming fall.
It has been quite a number of years since our last photo directory and there have been many changes to our membership since then. Wouldn’t you like your family to be included in the new directory if you are relatively new to BUF or your family wasn’t included in the last directory?
How many times have you had someone say “Hello” to you at BUF but you didn’t remember their name and they are not wearing a nametag? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a photo directory where you could connect BUF faces with names, even when at home?
Every family that comes in for a photo session will receive three things free of charge:
a. An 8 X 10 photo b. A copy of the new photo directory c. Access to an online directory so that you are not tied to the paper directory
You can bring your pets, musical instruments or anything that you would like to personalize your photos. The photos can be as formal or informal as you would like. Come with family and friends and have a silly time or a serious time.
The photographer will be taking several photos and poses of your family group during the session. After the photo shoot you will be able to see all of the photos immediately. At that point you will be shown the various packages that you can purchase at a 20% discount on the day of the photo shoot.
There will not be any pressure to purchase a larger package of photos. If you change your mind, and later wish to purchase a package, you can still do that at a later date. We will be providing BUFsters with information about the cost of photo packages in advance of the photo shoot.
The dates for photo sittings will be Monday, Oct. 2nd through Saturday, Oct. 7th. The Hospitality Committee will be signing people up after Sunday service and before Community Night Dinner. The Administrator can also assist with sign-ups, via email or phone call.
Link to the registration page, which will allow people to review the schedule and sign up online: